Thursday, 19 June 2008

Studio 9


nomads.hat said...

This study is one of my favourites: I like the reticence, occupying the negative spaces between the other person`s body shapes, the almost connecting as one does with a stranger when feeling a little guarded, the conversation from the waist down, the walking around one another - almost like two dogs. There is still a certain tenderness apparent though, which I think is important - the establishing of a rapport without full commitment and then leaving before it can develop further.

nomads.hat said...

I structured this study to use the doorway as a format which initially, 'crops' our bodies. At the beginning of the clip, our bodies appear to
be growing out of the doorframe - incomplete. A reference here to
an earlier comment of mine about incomplete views of people through crowds, seeing only parts of bodies punctuated by fleeing glimpses of the whole person, then back to body parts again.