Friday, 20 June 2008

Studio 1


nomads.hat said...

This study is based around notions of tension through abrasive motion - push and pull, while still being connected. It is not a parting moment but one which is charged with seeking for something. It is almost as if something were mislaid and we can almost find it but not quite. I enjoy the change from push energy/direction to pull. I am working on contraposto here - diagonal opposites in motion, one up, one down; balance through dynamic contrast.

Sylvie Haisman said...

really enjoy what you done with this vid.
yeah, your lived-in comment feels right to me.
intimate, also echo-y.
the whole project of dancing in that space is intimate and echo-y.
there's a sadness about the space i think: soft bodies and stone.
people's vulnerability moving through that hard space.
nice rhythm overall to this vid

Sylvie Haisman said...

what a shot!
fucking gorgeous composition
do you know distant voices, still lives?
o found it hard to engage with the dancing
not that surprising given screen size tho....