Friday, 20 June 2008

Workshop Re-edit Concourse Roll


nomads.hat said...

This clip has been re-edited incorporating a composition by Steve Gallagher, local Wellington composer and sound engineer. We have collaborated on this piece and I am pleased with his response to the visuals. The audio is a very full, even sublime score and while I think it works well in terms of addressing the intent of Duende, the nature of the sound itself is quite literal. I am moving toward more abstract soundscapes for my pieces, in the belief that this approach will allow a closer alignment between the introduced score and the existing, disembodied sounds of the station. Of course, equally, a sound score which contrasts significantly with the everyday sounds could prove appropriate too.

The video itself I am leaving untouched from the last edit. I think the multiple camera angles and layers of transparency work well in conveying the apparently inexorable onrush of crowds through the space, with white faces turned towards me while I am rolling. Closeups would have been fruitful here, but at the time we only had one camera/person available.

The whole issue of rolling is interesting for me. I wanted to carry out a 'duet' with an unknowing crowd of strangers. There is definitely, for me, pathos here. There is reference to the ethos of death which Duende is reliant upon for its own emergence. There is a fascinating contrast in movements between my horizontal, slow rolling and the linear, vertical - conventional - movement stream of the crowd. The odd specific interest from certain individuals in the piece are in contrast to the studied avoidance and apparent indifference from most of the people hurrying past. I plan to develop this strand of interpretation further.

Sylvie Haisman said...

such a fantastic image, the rolling body
so evocative body on the floor in public space - guess body on floor is so vulnerable and no-one is stopping
and the lines of commuters passing - jesus
think i never got to see the people coming through from the side when i was there - its a strong effect
almost i didn't realise they were going somewhere
they look like they fleeing
very eastern european bread-queue, exodus, last days...
i love the sound
and the colour too - what i could see on tiny screen anyways