Friday, 20 June 2008

Workshop Concourse Re-edit leaving

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nomads.hat said...

This is re-edit of the Concourse Duende duet. In Final Cut Studio I have applied both, 'Pleasantville' effect, which desaturates the surroundings while leaving the dancers with reduced colour and also increased the level of contrast. I wanted to make the whole piece a little colder and take away the warmth which permeates much of the ambience in the Concourse space. It is almost achromatic in parts which I think works well. I also re-edited the departure - shortened the piece, took out the initial moments when Sylvie climbs onto the train which I felt were a little too welcoming (although contrast of euphoric/elated could energise the irony/pathos of leaving) and slowed down the hands parting and Sylvie waving against the train windows. The piece has a different feel now. Perhaps a little more 'lived in'.