Friday, 20 June 2008

Studio 2


nomads.hat said...

This study has a range of feeling in the conversation - adversity and disagreement, leaving against the others will, playful and mischievous.
These studies in the distance are a little ambiguous and leave much open for interpretation.

I also made a decision with these studio pieces to have no sound. Silence allows for an uninterrupted focus and almost a shadow play. We had sound on the day but in CI we do not dance 'to' the sound. It colours a background for us.

Sylvie Haisman said...

more there with the dancing this vid.
great having bodies enter and then exit.
the architechture is just so strong around the bodies tahat i think i want them to respond more to it.
so more stillness is good,
less subtlety in movement,
more stark positions.
like when you doubled over.
don't like it when you cut to bodies - wanted you to cut to empty space and have bodies enter.
somehow the other takes away from the integrity of the building.
the continuity of the walls is disrupted - my eye wants to think that the walls remain, and i know we just missed out on some moments of them.
dunno if that makes sense

o and i liked the bodies receding into the distance

donna said...