Sunday, 18 May 2008

Street duets

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nomads.hat said...

How we leave a duet in Contact Improvisation Dance has always been a source of interest for me. The pathways out of contact are not so much revealing, as an extention of the conversation itself. I view this phase as being still central to the dialogue and dynamic of the meeting, informed by the nature of the engagement which took place and informs the nature of the departure taking place. This then pereived as informing the broader spectrum of meetings we inhabit in the wider world. As can be seen here I am making a deliberate correlation between the formal 'dance' and its attendant vocabulary and the 'meeting' between (usually) two people and its attendant vocabulary. In this sketch/phrase the two dancers talk verbally and kinesthetically - a piece of dance-theatre really - the movement modelling (not in any studied way) the speech. I slowed down the closing moments to focus on the disappearance in time and space of the moving bodies peeling off the hands, although bodies, not just hands are responsible for articulating personal signatures here.