Sunday, 18 May 2008

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nomads.hat said...

This was my first captured meeting/leaving event on our arrival the first night in Wellington city. These two people came out of the shop immediately behind them as we were walking past. I overheard them saying goodbye so I stopped and asked if they would mind doing it again. They were very agreeable and 'acted' their parting perfectly - an exercise in unstudied behaviour. In this clip I enjoy the lighting and contrast, the focus which exists between the two friends and the act of leaving - an amicable parting, ostensibly with no hint of pathos. An example of a mutual departure which occurs all the time, all over the city every day, representative perhaps of the generic overview of 'leaving' enacted, not just on a personal scale, but on a city community scale. A society scale. Therein lies the pathos of leaving, experienced as a 'condition' or state, society-wide.