Sunday, 18 May 2008

Friends parting


nomads.hat said...

This clip contains a certain ironic voice-over, of an elderly woman who unbeknownst to me was sitting at the next table in Murphy`s Bar in Cuba Mall, where she overheard our conversation about what we were doing. She was intrigued, hence the addition of her voice while I was filming out of the window. I was too busy to stop to talk at that moment, filming the three friends, waiting for the moment of departure. This clip is significant for me; the man who leaves on his own, backs away taking his time, trying to outlast the leaving. The body language is rich, regretful, endearing. I speeded up the clip to exaggerate the bustle of movement around this still trio and let the city sounds in intermitently.

nomads.hat said...

There is evidence here, or at least one could choose to read it that way, of the man leaving, being drawn away to his next engagement - a dual moment: purchase through the contact with friends, while being subject to the inexorable pull of his life, immersed in that requirement imposed upon us, to everpresent potential to change.