Sunday, 18 May 2008



nomads.hat said...

This encounter was contrived by me as part of the 'seeking directions from strangers', category of meetings. The exchange is energetic, animated with agendas occuring from both sides. I informed the two men that I was filming us and why - they were on the street trying to seel CDs of their rockband. We expressed interest in one another`s enterprise and created a rich pastiche of interaction and movement. (The following day we met these two again and ended up buying a CD from them).

nomads.hat said...

This leads me into toward the comment that obviously a large number of meetings in the city are created through and for reasons which are pragmatic, functional, business or work-related and so shorn of emotional intensity and/or poignancy. This brings me back to the notion that it is because of this very pragmatism, this, in the words of Marc Augé, symptom of 'supermodernity' and the attendant lack of belonging in urban environments, that creates its own wider social-spectrum pathos.