Monday, 26 May 2008

Station 2 poignancy in Leaving


nomads.hat said...

This sketch is filmed in lighter mode, with better contrast. It is important to me that some of my filming places us in the distance, removed from the viewer. This is responding to those original thoughts I had last year - creating small dramas seen only out of the corner of one`s eye, down an alley, on the other side of the street or space. The removal contributes to the relegation of the piece to just one among many tableaux played out on any given day. Our holding of the postures works well - sustaining a moment of mutual thought/intimacy, slow, as if making efforts not to walk out onto the platform, but also there is an element of the 'stranger' here. An awkwardness with the parting, Sylvie`s legs crossed, almost leaving but not quite - proxemically, a measurable distance between us suddenly closed in the, as if in second thought, hug. A lighter, less charged leaving in demeanor (the playful rock to the side) and feeling than in Station 1, which was more loaded. I would have liked this to have been surrounded by more people streaming through but maybe the quieter expanse enhances the shared moment.

nomads.hat said...
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nomads.hat said...

The sound of a man`s voice in the background is interesting here. He mentions the dancers but it is not his impressions of us that interests me. What interests me is that he stopped to talk to Fiona while she was filming us. He was a little insistent and something (without being unkind) of a distraction while he kept talking through Fiona`s efforts to capture what was taking place. When
we finished that particular phrase of movement we talked and it became obvious that he was seeking contact, albeit with strangers but who might offer empathy and understanding in a time which for him personally, was challenging and difficult amidst the rush of impersonal crowds. Loneliness has its own poignancy, powerful
and by some, worn like an item of clothing for all to see. Pathos approached us from an unexpected direction here and our dancing was the catalyst for this meeting - projecting an intimacy and level of feeling that was out of reach for this person at that time.