Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Departed - Movement 1

This video is the latest study in my AUT (NZ) Masters in dance and video. Departed - Movement 1 - differs from my first version of Departed - In the Company of Strangers. This study is in direct collaboration with the composer/musician, Mike Beever, based in Nelson, NZ Aotearoa. Mike composed this sound, 'Movement 1' specifically for this video footage. I have explored and edited his sound for this piece and I will be continuing this development process with Mike in subsequent edits. I am indebted to Mike for this opportunity to work with him. Here, I was seeking to engage with a sound base that is a little more ambivalent than the first version of Departed. There is a movement into layers of feeling which perhaps are less literal, if no less arresting. I will be continuing to develop my concepts in this direction, particularly with a view to exploring the existence of surfaces or screens which may be embodied, activated or inscribed.

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