Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Departed - Inscriptions in Time and Place; Movement 2 - In the Company of Strangers


This study is again, in direct collaboration with the composer/musician, Mike Beever, based in Nelson, NZ Aotearoa. Mike composed the sounds specifically for this video footage, giving me a range of short bursts of sound. I requested this to provide me with choices and flexibility within my matching/editing of sound to movement/intention. I am indebted to Mike for his generosity in working with me and giving me license to manipulate and edit his sound work. In this piece I was seeking to engage with a sound base that is more ambiguous than in the earlier versions of 'Departed' and both the sounds and the title reflect my curiosity about our ability to leave inscriptions or traces not just upon obvious surfaces like table tops in the station cafe, but upon one another through the myriad of languages that we use; movement, touch, sightlines, intent, imagination - all within the timeframe itself, wherein we inhabit and displace space within a given place.

This video is based around an urban myth I am creating; that all our engagements, meetings and relations with people and places are subject to the forces of indeterminacy which set the scene for movement - movement away; departure - we are always leaving ... I wanted to introduce a sense of small but strong drama; a tableau of clenched feeling which we can sometimes witness in public places; a sense of passion, of despair, of pathos at our fate which is to be swept up in this constant movement away from those places and people which sustain our sense of belonging. The work is interventionist in that it creates a moment of uncertainty for the busy commuters at rush-hour; what is taking place here? A quarrel? A passionate withdrawal? A charged parting? The event of leaving within the chosen day inexorably taking over ...

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Sylvie said...

i am so in love with the railway station

love the intimacy / distance close-up / longshot thing

and the station sounds...

and so fun to see flying on the concourse!

passerby looking over his shoulder...

shot of fi just standing there and putting one hand out is real strong

mmm, that was fun!