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ADA Keynote Conversation 27.6.09

Last week (25.6.09) Clare Atkins was IM`d by Eric Kluitenberg aka Ze Moo in SL about my station build. Clare passed this on to me and after I made contact with Eric he enquired if I was interested in being involved in the ADA (Aotearoa Digital Arts) 2009 Critical Digital Matter event. A Keynote Conversation distributed through RL and SL, as a live broadcast between London, Amsterdam and Wellington with projections screened at 'debalie' in the centre of Amsterdam, a screen at Goldsmiths College in London and Victoria University in Wellington. Also one in the centre of the city. (Interesting to note here that Victoria University leases space at Wellington Railway Station, looking down upon the space in which I have been carrying out my dance work for the last two years).

Please see the ADA website for full information on this event:

The initiators of this event were Eric Kluitenberg (Amsterdam) , Su Ballard (Wellington) and Mathew Fuller (London) with additional guests.

After learning that the organizers wanted Koru to host this event, I accepted and referred Eric/Ze Moo to Clare Atkins, the manager of Koru. Eric had communicated his appreciation of my station to me and I suggested the possibilities of his running this event next to my build and bringing his cameras in to the station at the end of the discussion and this is what happened. Clare facilitated this in her usual pro-active, supportive manner and I am excited for Koru and NMIT that we were able to bring this event to a successful conclusion.

Biographical Information:

Matthew Fuller is David Gee Reader in Digital Media at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London. He is the author of Media Ecologies: Materialist Energies in Art and Technoculture (MIT Press, 2005) and Behind the Blip: Essays on the Culture of Software (Autonomedia, 2003). He has worked closely with the artists collective Mongrel, and was a member of the speculative software group I/O/D from 1994-1997 and most recently initiated the 'Digger Barley' project shown at Futuresonic and Manifesta 7. Along with architect Usman Haque he is author of 'Concurrent Versioning City' a FLOSS-inspired quasi-licence for urban construction. He is particularly interested in the cultural effects of technology.

Su Ballard is Academic Leader, and Principal Lecturer in Electronic Arts in the School of Art. Her research centres around digital aesthetics, experimental sound and video, visual culture, and media ecologies. She completed her PhD through the the Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics, Universty of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Her PhD examined materialist tendancies in digital art installation by New Zealand and Australian artists working in international contexts. She recently edited The Aotearoa Digital Arts Reader, published by Clouds.

Eric Kluitenberg is an independent media theorist, writer and organiser on culture, media and technology. He is head of the media deprtment of De Balie, centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam. Recent publications of his include the Book of Imaginary Media (2006), Hybrid Space (2006), and Delusive Spaces (2008).

I would like to thank Eric Kluitenberg for his kind offer to be involved and show my station and videos of my work as part of this event.

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