Saturday, 4 July 2009

Update on 'Final' Showing of work

I had planned to have my final show of work in the Real Life Wellington Railway Station in late July. This was to have involved multiple screens mounted in the old ticket office with data projected live Second Life Station and videos on associated other screens. As previously mentioned, in April I had a meeting with Linda Savell of KiwiRail management to discuss permissions and possibilities to show my work over a two-day period during evening rush-hour crowds. After repeated unsuccessful efforts to make contact with the station staff, over the last month and now with no time left to make proper preparations for a professional event in the station, I have reluctantly decided to shelve this plan and concentrate instead on organizing an event or walkthrough with my examiner in the Second Life station. In view of the direction and emphasis on Second Life in my work I see this as not inappropriate. To have an examiner come in-life celebrates the current involvement world-wide with MUVE online worlds.

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