Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Shelters for 'Companion Species'

"... the entanglements of beings in technoculture that work through reciprocal inductions to shape companion species." Dr Donna Haraway, 2008, 'When Species Meet' University of Minnesota Press.

The two video clips immediately below, Shelter and Shelter 2, are studies concerned with the composition of two types of avatar. The RL video avatars and the more familiar SL avatar:

Rollo Kohime, Mike Baker and Fiona Baker in Wellington Railway Station perceived as, in Haraway`s terms, a post-human companion species ... might our avatar/cyborg-selves not just be empowering our Real Life lives but dialoguing in them too?

Rollo Kohime waits in a bus shelter while in his mind`s eye, he watches Mike and Fiona meet, converse, dislocate and depart in Wellington Railway Station. The engagement reflects disparate moods, converging and mis-matched protoconversations ... I am seeking here to imbue my avatar, Rollo, in a MUVE world, with a sense of other-worldly, inscribed memory or awareness of Real Life events he has witnessed, as might a commuter travelling through the station and glimpsing our activity.

I have used a range of filters in Final Cut Studio here: colour correction/Pleasantville Effect, extract, contrast, soft edges, feather 3D perspective on tilt. Extract dissolves the dark areas in the footage allowing these to be replaced by another clip, to arrive at a composite which is quite seamless. I enjoy Rollo`s minimal movement which is suggestive of recollection.

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