Saturday, 11 October 2008

Paradox in Blended Realities - Leaving and the little death


Sylvie said...

wow mike this is really beautiful. you been busy. this one really works for me. i love the door sequences at the beginning and end - wanted more door at the end even! something very satisfying about the formalism of bodies passing thru rectangles. and the effect of intercutting yr rolling with fi and me dancing is very strong, i had quite an emotional reaction to it. & go edouard on the sound...

Sylvie said...

comment on youtube vid: Missed Conversations in Redundant spaces

o man this rocks
beautiful dancing
beautiful waiting
beautiful holding
the passers by are awesome
make me laugh
the hand/foot dancing from the hold
i like that
did you have a score?
quality of the dancing in this clip is superb

did you do any particular kind of warm-up?

love the wall (floor?) shots too

Paula said...

:-) Ohhhhhwww .... wow ... I wish I had something more intellectual to say about this work right now ... where do I begin .. I shall have to go and think and write and post again ....