Monday, 11 May 2009

'A Facet of the Real?' at Artist Salon - Chez Bushwick in New York City

I currently have my AUT Masters dance video works on the contemporary dance site; as well as YouTube. Just before the Easter break, I was approached by Jaki Levy, a media artist and new media consultant in the USA, who requested permission to show one of my video works from at the Artist Salon at Chez Bushwick in New York. This event happened on March 25th and was apparently very successful.

My work selected for this event was 'A Facet of the Real?', a study combining my Real Life video work projected in my Second Life Wellington railway station. This was shown along with works by the New York City Ballet and Troika Ranch and a number of other outstanding international contemporary pieces. The link for the site is:

This was the reference on the post-mortem site - notes by Jaki Levy: '“A Facet of the Real” explored how performance in “first” life and Second Life can intersect, creating a trippy situation in which a live performance is viewed in real time by online avatars in a virtual venue.'

I consider this to be not only positive for me personally but also for both, NMIT as an institute and SLENZ as an organisation on Koru and Kowhai islands in Second Life.

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